January 2019
Materials: Makeup, Paper
Live Performance
End Result: Paper 280×300 cm

Feat: Alexandru Cosarca
and Barbara Pelzelmayer

Kamryn performs Smear III to speak out about violence against women and the continuous pressure women face to look a certain way- Kamryn, often feeling dragged through society, creates her own ritualistic motions to perform Smear III, together with Alexandru and Barbara, in order to open up a dialogue about the ongoing struggles women face in society.

Filmed by: Jessica Voelke

Materials: Goauche on canvas, painted with body
Performance time 90 min
Video Runtime 2’35”
End Result: Canvas 108×77.5 cm

Motion combined with color equals a new language. Kamryn uses each motion with a specific color, creating her own dialogue of movement. Furthermore, she investigates the relationship between performance and painting.

Filmed by: Ahmed Ramadan Edited by: Susannah Langdon, Jay Lee and Jake Henderson

Materials: Makeup, Paper
Performance time 90 min
End Result: Paper 59.4 x 42 cm

Feat: Caroline Heinzel

Kamryn creates a ritual of movements in which the body is used to destroy make up. Kamryn and Caroline perform this ritual to speak out about the box that society puts women in and that women often put themselves in.